Project Description

Life cycle assessment simulator

Learn to carry out a Life Cycle Assessment in real-time

Gaining a deep understanding of a complex topic has never been easier. The LCA training simulator encourages active learning that is retained for long periods.

The simulator allows users to get in-depth and realistic experience of carrying out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in a manufacturing company.

Using the power of immersive environments to engage users, the simulator is ideal for a wide range of participants, from university students to professionals.

It can be used at home or in the classroom to great effect, embedding skills and knowledge to a level that traditional training methods don’t come close to.

The LCA simulator has been developed by HighSkillz, with the subject expertise of Politecnico di Milano. The result is an advanced and ambitious simulator that delivers a deep understanding of LCAs and the processes needed to produce them.

Main features

  • Learners are guided through, rather than told, how to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

  • Realistic scenario co-developed with domain experts

  • Challenging tasks and activities – problem-solving and decision making

  • Interactive and user-controlled dialogue with realistic characters

  • Multiple stakeholders, with their own biases and misconceptions

  • Embodied good practice with the typical pitfalls associated with Life Cycle Assessment’s (LCAs)

  • Concrete and realistic educational goals

  • Useful, clear feedback and helpful hints


  • Faster Life Cycle Assessment competence development

  • Improved learning of skills by encouraging decision-making

  • Ideas and concepts have time to incubate while navigating the game

  • Practice skills in a safe and highly realistic environment

  • Lower cost per student than face-to-face training

  • Easier large-scale deployment outside the classroom

  • Gain deeper understanding of a real company’s structure

  • Enrich traditional classroom and training approaches

  • Practice and enhance soft skills

Follow the 4 main LCA Phases (ISO 14044)

1 Goal Definition and Inventory Analysis

Gain a deeper insight into the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data collection process of a modern company. First, search for the data that will allow you to structure your objectives according to the identified problem. Then define the simplified process diagram of the product life cycle and start collecting all necessary data. Be careful to avoid mistakes and redundancies. Decide wisely which information gathered from your co-workers to use and which to disregard.

2 Life Cycle Impact Assessment and Interpretation

Analyze all the gathered data to report the environmental impacts and select the system boundary conditions.

Finalize your report and provide the results to the CEO of the company. Finalize your report with practical recommendations to improve the sustainability of the product and send the resulting analysis to the CEO of the company. You will be given feedback on the implementation of your recommendations.

Structure your Report in a Realistic Environment

Receive Feedback on your Performance

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